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Hi, I'm James Goetz New Jersey. Welcome to my profile!

James Goetz New Jersey's Bio:

James Goetz New Jersey is board certified in both chiropractic and physiotherapy, and currently pursues board certification in neurology. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA and holds numerous other certifications in human performance fields. James Goetz's expertise is in the advancement of human performance. 


James Goetz New Jersey has an extensive background in the field of strength and conditioning. He has coached a variety of athletes and teams in strength and conditioning, ranging from a high school national wrestling champion, NCAA Division I Top 25 football, NFL, MLB, MLS, USA Gymnastics, Olympic Athletes and professional boxing. His goal in coaching is to make athletes champions in all aspects of their life. “By living as a champion in all aspects of life, one may win this title as opposed to haphazardly chasing down this idea, which they have never experienced. In order to accomplish this, we must do whatever it takes- No excuses, no exceptions. While being a champion in all aspects of life is not easy and it is far easier to complete tasks the wrong way; it's best to do things the right way as these habits breed success”.


James Goetz New Jersey has published numerous articles ranging from ADHD to the advancements of understanding nutrition and how the human physiology was designed to utilize them. Goetz believes the most accepted theories are not always the prime methods for which the human body was designed to function. “It is only through questioning and extensive research that we may find the right answers to which may at times be paradoxical”.


James Goetz strives for extraordinary in everything he does. But he realizes extraordinary is achieved not by achieving extraordinary feats but by doing the ordinary, day in and day out, better than everyone else. Through cutting edge research and focused care, James Goetz strives each day to help bring the performance of individuals to levels never before thought possible.

James Goetz New Jersey's Experience:

  • Chiropractic Assistant at Pappas Chiropractic

    Assist in daily activities of running a chiropractic office.

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach at Toronto Blue Jays

    Assist in the daily activities of pre-habilitation, rehabilitation and enhancement of performance of athletes

James Goetz New Jersey's Education:

  • University of Bridgeport

    Concentration: chiropractic
    Activities: Integrative Clinic Student American Chiropractic Association -VP -Secretary Peer Mentor

James Goetz New Jersey's Interests & Activities:

EditFamily, diagnostics, treatment, baseball, surfing, Notre Dame Football, functional neurology, hockey, football, bacon

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